Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Gum DefenseTM/MC Toothpaste

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What is Colgate Total* toothpaste?

The special formula of Colgate Total*, containing fluoride and the antibacterial ingredient triclosan, is the first toothpaste approved by Health Canada with clinically proven ingredients that help prevent gingivitis, plaque and cavities, as well as tartar and bad breath. And, because it also contains a special co-polymer, PVM/MA, it continues to be active between brushings.

What therapeutic benefits does Colgate Total* provide?

Colgate Total* provides therapeutic benefits against caries, gingivitis and plaque. In addition, it`s effective in reducing supragingival calculus and providing long-lasting breath protection. You can recommend Colgate Total* with confidence to all your patients over 12.

What purpose do triclosan and the copolymer serve?

Colgate Total* is the only toothpaste to contain triclosan with a copolymer. Triclosan is an effective antibacterial ingredient that controls a wide range of bacteria. The copolymer is used in the formulation to prolong retention of triclosan on oral hard and soft tissues and in plaque. Without the copolymer, triclosan would be rapidly lost from the mouth, reducing its clinical effect.

Is triclosan safe for use in a toothpaste?

Yes. Numerous safety studies which support its safety have been carried out by Ciba-Geigy, the manufacturer of triclosan, Colgate* and leading academics. Also, before being permitted to be marketed in Canada, Health Canada conducted extensive review of data on Colgate*´s clinical tests. These included five major studies which supported the safety and efficacy of the toothpaste. Colgate Total* was first introduced internationally in 1992 and is now sold in 173 countries worldwide. Independent dental associations in over 30 countries, including the American, Canadian and British Dental Associations, have granted seals of acceptance to Colgate Total*.

Do triclosan and the copolymer have any impact on flavour? Performance?

Unlike several other new products recently launched by other companies, the key ingredients in Colgate Total* do not have a negative impact on flavour. In extensive consumer flavour tests, the overwhelming majority thought Colgate Total* as good or better than their regular toothpaste. In fact, Colgate Total* is an `everyday` toothpaste. Prove it to yourself, taste it!

Will there be professional sampling?

There will be a substantial amount of samples and the information available, as well as educational programs behind our professional effort. Please contact your Colgate* Oral Pharmaceutical representative.

Does Colgate Total* have the same shelf-life as regular Colgate* Toothpaste?

Colgate Total* has a two-year expiration date, the same shelf-life as other Colgate* toothpastes. The 18ml and 20ml sample tubes of Colgate Total* have a shelf life of 18 months.

What is the Fluoride content of Colgate Total*?

Colgate Total* is formulated with 0.243% sodium fluoride for anticaries efficacy. This translates to 1,100 ppm (parts per million) of fluoride.

How long can a patient use Colgate Total*?

Colgate Total* is indicated as an everyday toothpaste. There is no contraindication against prolonged use. Colgate Total* should be used as directed for adults and children older than 12 years of age.

Why does the label state age 12 or over?

Children under 12 years should not use Colgate Total* unless directed by a dentist or physician.

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