Colgate* Sensitive Pro-ReliefTM/MC Desensitizing Paste Patient Education Guide

An effective breakthrough technology that works differently

Hypersensitivity occurs when pain stimuli – such as cold, heat, air or pressure – trigger sensations that reach the intradental nerves through open tubules in exposed dentin. (1),(2)

Ordinary sensitive toothpastes with potassium salts work by numbing the pain. However, pain triggers can still reach the nerves via the open tubules.

Colgate* Sensitive Pro-ReliefTM/MC ToothpasteTM/MC with Pro-ArginTM/MC Technology is the first toothpaste that is clinically proven to provide instant & lasting relief from dentin hypersensitivity.



1. Addy M. Dentine Hypersensitivity: new perspectives on an old problem. Int Dent J. 2002;52 (suppl 5):367-375.

2. Brännström M. A hydrodynamic mechanism in the transmission of pain-produced stimuli through the dentine. In: Sensory Mechanisms in Dentine. Anderson DJ, ed. pp73-79. Pergamon Press. London, 1963.

Important Safety Information: Colgate* Sensitive Pro-ReliefTM/MC is a desensitizing paste that should only be administered by individuals professionally trained to perform dental prophylaxis. It may cause eye irritation upon contact and is contraindicated in patients with a known allergy to any of the components.