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As a world leader in oral care technology development, Colgate is committed to improving the oral health of people across the globe. Consequently, our products must not only provide benefits that dental professionals will enthusiastically endorse but also appeal to a wide-range of ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences. Over the last five decades, we have gained the trust of both of these audiences through a firm commitment to oral care research.

Designed to encourage innovation through seamless collaboration, Colgate technology development process incorporates the best science at each stage – from basic research to formula optimization to the clinical documentation of our commercial products and technologies. Colgate research and product development is conducted by more than four hundred scientists in a global network of technology centers located in Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe. Our teams include bioengineers, chemists, dentists and clinicians who possess technological expertise in such fields a molecular and microbiology, a broad range of chemistries and practical oral health. Colgate scientists also partner with leading companies and academic canters to identify and incorporate the new technologies that will elevate the benefits of our oral health products. External partnerships are an important part of achieving tomorrow's innovation.


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Colgate firmly believes in innovation and the continuous improvement of our product line – it's at the heart of our core values. True innovations can only come from people. Are you a scientist with an oral care research idea or an inventor with a product idea or design? Would your company like to collaborate with Colgate?

If you are interested in working with the Colgate Research Team, we would like to hear from you.

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Colgate's commitment to research has fueled many oral health technology advancements:

  • Triclosan/Copolymer – FDA-approved technology in a toothpaste for plaque and gingivitis control
  • Pro-Argin™ technology – superior instant sensitivity relief
  • Multi-height bristles in manual toothbrushes for superior plaque control