Colgate PreviDent Booster Plus

Colgate* PreviDent* Booster Plus

(1.1% Sodium Fluoride)

PreviDent* Booster Plus with tricalcium phosphate is our most advanced formula for unsurpassed remineralization†,1

Product Details

  • Characteristics and Benefits

    • Unique patented formula4
    • Significant remineralization of root caries in just three months (32.8%) and six months (59.6%)3
    • 26% Faster fluoride dispersion in the saliva versus our regular 5000ppm toothpaste**
    • Mild formula
    • Unsurpassed remineralization†,2 vs. Clinpro™ 5000 & MI Paste Plus™
    • "Delivers an 86% improvement in fluoride uptakeⱡ,3
    • Helps strengthen enamel
    • Faster fluoride dispersion in saliva**"
    • Mild cleaning system with low abrasion
  • Indications and Usage

    For once-daily self-applied topical use as a dental caries preventative in adults and pediatric patients age 6 years and older.

† Statistically better when compared to MI Paste PlusTM topical cream. ⱡ Comparison vs PreviDent*BoosterTM/MC**Based on in vitro study.
1. Joziak MT, et al. Comparison of enamel fluoride uptake and fluoride release from liquid and paste dentrifrices. J Dent Res. 2003; 82(Sp Issue). Abstract 1355.
2. Data of file; Colgate-Palmolive, 2012. In vitro pH cycling model after 10 and 20 days.
3. Data on file; Colgate-Palmlolive, 2012. In vitro standard method for enamel fluoride uptake.

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