Dents sensibles

What's in a tooth?

  • Enamel — covers the crown and is the hardest tissue in the body.
  • Dentin — constitutes the major part of the tooth and gives teeth their colour.
  • Pulp — is rich in nerves and blood vessels.

What is Dentin Sensitivity?

Many adults suffer from sensitive teeth or dentin sensitivity. This condition is common when enamel covering the crown of the tooth is worn away and the root surfaces of teeth are exposed.

The main core of the tooth (dentin) consists of many tubules running from the outer edge of the tooth to its inner centre which contains the tooth nerve. These microscopic tooth tubules contain fluid which when exposed move under the influence of cold, heat or high sugar concentrations in the mouth and in turn stimulate the nerve and cause pain and discomfort.

How can Colgate Sensitive help?

Colgate Sensitive contains Potassium Citrate which soothes the nerve ends and provides fast relief from tooth sensitivity by its direct desensitising effect on the tooth nerve. With regular use, Colgate Sensitive ensures long term sensitivity protection.

My teeth are sometimes sensitive. Is this common?

Yes. Many adults experience occasional sensitivity to cold, sweet or hot food and beverages.

Over 20 million people are estimated to suffer from dentin sensitivity in the UK. Evidence shows as more people keep their natural teeth for longer, the problem of sensitive teeth is increasing. The main causes are increases in gum recession and toothbrush abrasion due to inappropriate toothbrushing techniques.

Regardless of the triggers and frequency of your pain, let your dentist or hygienist know. In the first instance they will ensure no other factors are contributing to the sensitivity and they can recommend the appropriate treatment.

How long does it take to get relief?

Clinical data on Colgate Sensitive indicates that there should be a noticeable difference after three weeks of daily use. Individual sufferers will notice an improvement at different rates. Other factors which can impact relief include: diet, brushing habits and type of toothbrush used.

Brush at least twice a day with Colgate Sensitive for healthy teeth and gums and to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. You should consult your dentist or hygienist for specific advice.

Is there a particular toothbrush I should use?

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by tooth surface abrasion and recession of the gums. A hard bristled toothbrush can worsen both, so dentists recommend the use of a soft bristled toothbrush.

*data on file, C-P (UK) Ltd.