Colgate* Kids' Toothbrushes 


Designed to encourage children to brush!

Product Details

  • Characteristics and Benefits

    • Clinically proven
    • Designed for safe, effective brushing
    • Unique bristles effective at every age
    • Proven to effectively remove plaque1
    • Unique dosing dot helps measure the right amount of paste at every age
    • Soft, angled multi-height bristles thoroughly clean teeth of all sizes

    1. Data on file. Colgate-Palmolive Company.

  • Indications

    For the cleaning and care of young teeth.

  • Information

    For ages 0-2

    Product # Description
    312942 My First Colgate®
    • Ultra-soft bristles for baby's gums and first teeth
    • Designed for ages 0-2


    For ages 2-5

    Product # Description
    • Ultra-soft bristles
    • Designed for ages 2-5
    • Effectively removes plaque
    • Unique dosing dot to measure right amount of toothpaste
    • Thick ergonomic handle for better grip


    For ages 5+

    Product # Description
    313449 BarbieTM Toothbrush
    156225 MinionsTM Toothbrush
    CN05143A TrollsTM
    • Unique soft tongue cleaner on back of the head to encourage good oral care habits early on
    • Small oval head with soft material and extra soft bristles helps protect children's gums
    • Comfortable thumb rest and non-slip cushioned handle for better control
    • Suction cup for easy and fun upright storage


    For ages 3-8

    Product # Description
    731011 Colgate® Jr.
    731012 Imprinted Colgate® Jr.
    • Extra-soft bristles
    • Designed for ages 3-8
    • Comfortable handle and thumb rest for better control


    For ages 8+

    Product # Description
    731065 Colgate® WaveTM Youth
    731064 Colgate® WaveTM Youth Imprinted
    • Soft bristles
    • Soft tongue cleaner that gently removes bacteria that cause bad breath
    • Ultra compact head reaches back molars and cleans hard to reach areas
    • Non-slip grip handle for comfortable control

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